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Capability development

Capability Development Building systems, raising capacity

Our principal expertise is in developing and managing capability development and reform programmes for public sector entities; including large-scale projects to train, equip and mentor military and security institutions.

Capability development
Capability development 1

Risk Advisory has two decades of experience in managing large-scale projects to transform government organisations, with a particular focus on the security sector.

We are leaders in the field of training, equipping and mentoring security and law enforcement forces to address border management, internal security, improvised explosive device clearance, provision of medical services and counter-terrorism.

The nature of the systems-based approach to capability development we provide depends on the needs of the beneficiary in question and the context in which they operate. We emphasise the specialised ‘mentoring’ component of our offering.

We seek to provide politically-informed long-term engagement that offers sustainable skill transfer and systematic organisational change.

Capability development 2


Clients who partner with us benefit from our:

  • Dedicated approach – A tried and tested methodology for understanding and delivering organisational capability needs
  • Unparalleled network – An extensive network of former military and government professionals with decades of varied experience to call upon for rapid project implementation
  • Long-term focus –  Trust from the relationships we build over time is critical to long term, sustainable, effective and local solutions

Key features of our training and mentoring include:

  • Decades of in-house training and mentoring experience
  • Experience delivering multi-million pound, multi-year projects
  • A thousands-strong network of security professionals
  • Multiple reliable equipment suppliers with global reach
  • Creative and adaptable approach to delivering training
  • A bespoke model for delivering mentoring and measuring impact
  • Conflict and gender sensitivity
Capability development 1


A long-standing strategic transformation project for the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), which is sponsored by a range of donors, most notably the UK Government.

Through support to the LAF, this project has re-established the authority of the Lebanese state along the Lebanon-Syria land border, mitigated negative spillover from the Syrian conflict and strengthened the LAF’s internal security capacity.

We also have worked closely with the beneficiary on a variety of policy innovations, such as the establishment of all-female units who have been able to enhance community interaction. We have achieved this result through long-term strategic engagement and embedding expert trainer mentors within the LAF who have trained more than 13,500 LAF soldiers in urban and rural operations.

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