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Cyber security

Cyber Security Digital environments, real world threats

Creating integrated cyber security strategies

Cyber security
Cyber security 1

In the digital era businesses are increasingly vulnerable to adversaries enabled by a spectrum of hostile cyber tools and techniques.

From theft of information to disruption of critical systems, today’s businesses are at constant risk of serious compromise of their vital assets. Piecemeal and purely technical solutions are very likely to fall short. Our approach to cyber security emphasises physical and personal vulnerabilities as much as technical gaps.

Risk Advisory’s cyber security experts have worked with governments and corporates to design their cyber security strategies and preparations. We routinely scrutinise third party cyber products and services, ensuring best-fit for clients exact needs – often exposing weaknesses in current ‘impenetrable’ defences.

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Clients who partner with us benefit from our:

  • Extensive expertise – We have designed and delivered national cyber security capability and cyber preparations for global events
  • Independent advice – Our team benefits from deep knowledge of technical products and services without ties to any, permitting us to recommend the right solutions 
  • Holistic security – Our strategies recognise that information risks start with real world adversaries exploiting people and physical measures as well as technical systems

Key features of our cyber security - threats, risks and response services include:

  • National cyber security capability building
  • Strategic risk assessment, consultancy and planning
  • Cyber security management
  • Threat assessments and intelligence
  • Training and mentoring
  • Testing and exercising
  • Audits, due diligence and information assurance 
  • SOC/CSOC development
  • Guidance on commercial cyber products and services
  • Penetration testing and protective monitoring services
Cyber security 1

Delivering solutions

As part of UK Government overseas cyber security capability building programmes, we have provided ongoing cyber consultancy and mentoring services to European and Middle Eastern governments. This includes assisting with the development of national cyber security strategies, policies and maturity road maps, as well as technical assistance in designing cyber solutions and training new cyber staff.

The programme has included conducting ongoing mentoring, training and consultancy for government security agencies and national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT), as well as running a number of inter-agency cyber exercises.   

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Cyber Olympics

There are significant security and high reputational risks in running global sporting competitions and major events - these have become targets for protesters, terrorists, and cyber threat actors.

We specialise in providing cyber security services for sporting and major events. Our consultants played a significant role in the risk assessment, mitigation and delivery of cyber defences for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games, since which we have continued to focus on providing similar services for major event organisers and host city governments and agencies.