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Embedded analysts

Embedded Analysts Analyst recruitment and management

Helping organisations build and manage world-class intelligence teams.

Embedded analysts
Embedded analysts 1

Global businesses increasingly recognise the value of an intelligence function within their organisations.

We embed analysts into corporate security and crisis management teams worldwide, enabling them to leverage the full capabilities of our security and geopolitical intelligence practice – without the cost and challenges of a permanent hire.

Whether you are recruiting a regional specialist, a GSOC analyst, a travel risk manager or an intelligence all-rounder, we can help. We know what it takes to find the right talent in the right jurisdiction, and what people require to perform, develop and deliver.

The analysts we embed have the full support of our market-leading Security Intelligence & Analysis Service (SIAS). They are able to leverage Risk Advisory’s wider expertise, training, resources and global source network to broaden the capabilities of the organisation they are embedded in, and deliver a cost-effective intelligence solution.

Embedded analysts 2


Clients who partner with us benefit from our:

  • Expertise – drawing upon our success as a leading intelligence business
  • Bespoke approach – we provide solutions to meet the unique needs of each client
  • Training and advice – we work to ensure the intelligence programme is performing for the business
  • Market-leading capabilities – our embedded analysts come with the resources and support to ensure that they succeed in their role
  • Global reach – we are continually growing a global talent pool of regional specialists and generalists

Key features of our embedded analysts service include:

  • Full access to our team and intelligence resources, including SIAS
  • Ongoing support including training, mentoring and guidance
  • Flexibility on timeline and cost to meet budgets and objectives
  • Scalability to ensure growth and global reach
  • Industry benchmarking to achieve best value and practice

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