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Intelligent borders

Intelligent Borders Sophisticated and tailored solutions to complex border challenges

With the growth in transnational threats, we use our experience and specialised approach to help governments more effectively manage and monitor their borders.

Intelligent borders
Intelligent borders 1

The management of borders is an issue that is of growing importance to national and regional governments given mounting transnational threats and the complex movement of people.

Our philosophy is that border security does not merit a ‘one size fits all’ solution; rather, governments and implementers must carefully understand a range of factors including topography, traditional population flows, the nature of threats and capabilities of those posing threats.

Hence, through extensive research and evaluation, we help governments determine the most appropriate solutions to their border challenges and assist them with implementation.

Intelligent borders 2


Clients who partner with us benefit from our:

  • Diagnostic framework – We have developed metrics by which we evaluate the threats posed along borders and conduct extensive research before proposing solutions
  • Sensitivity to local conditions – Our border solutions are highly adaptable and take into account changing conditions on the ground
  • Extensive experience – We have extensive experience having undertaken several multi-million-pound projects around border security in the Middle East

Key features of our smart border solutions include:

  • Detailed research underpinned by on-the-ground expertise
  • Delivery of a range of policy and programme options to funders
  • The ability to implement complex, multi-faceted border solutions
  • A strong emphasis on the protection of human rights and migrant sensitivity
  • Extensive engagement with host and regional governments
Intelligent borders 1


Much of the work around our decade-long engagement in Lebanon has focused on securing its borders through a multi-faceted approach.

Our experience there has taught us the absolute necessity of developing close and continuing ties with the local security service to build trust and ensure receptiveness to training. The project so far has helped bring more than 75 per cent of the Lebanese border under state control and threats from extremist groups significantly diminished. This has been achieved through aligning strategic, operational and tactical advice in a tailored training and equipment programme.

This has included more than 70 specially designed border infrastructure posts that have proven invaluable in protecting Lebanon.

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