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Litigation support

Litigation Support Large firm expertise, flexible approach

Helping our clients gather evidence and intelligence at every stage of the litigation process.

Litigation support
Litigation support 1

At Risk Advisory we have a fundamental understanding of the law, legal process and the rules of evidence.

We provide litigation support to clients, often working alongside their external legal teams, to design and implement investigation strategies and obtain admissible evidence. We also work directly with law firms to enhance their resources and enable them to provide more cost-effective solutions to their clients. As well as legal remedies, our investigators have a detailed understanding of extra-legal strategies that can achieve the best outcomes for clients, having worked closely with law firms, media consultants and business advisors in many past cases. Endorsed with top rankings in Chambers Litigation Support Guide 2020.

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Clients who partner with us benefit from our:

  • Large firm expertise – Understanding of the complexities of our clients’ domestic and international investigations, having completed hundreds of past investigations.
  • Professionalism & ethics – Our strict compliance with the law wherever we operate and application of the highest ethical standards in our work.
  • ‘One company’ ethos – Our intelligence and security practices support our investigative work, as well as our partners Frosensic Risk Alliance (FRA), helping us determine the real issues in litigation and where to find the evidence.

Key features of our litigation support service include:

  • In-house legal and compliance expertise
  • Highly professional approach to investigative work
  • Admissible evidence and intelligence gathering
  • Determination of a counterparty’s assets and international relationships
  • Identification and tracing of potential witnesses
  • Establishment of witness or counterparty background issues
  • Determination of the veracity of allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, fraud or breach of contract
  • Proving breaches of intellectual property rights
  • Partnering with clients’ external legal resources
Litigation support 1

Gathering evidence in Latin America

We were instructed to help a client defending an arbitration claim brought by a Latin American oil trader. In investigating the claimant’s activities over the past two decades in Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile and Peru, we were able to prove that certain claims it had made about its operations in Guatemala and Chile were misrepresentations.

Specifically, by visiting sites and conducting extensive interviews in the Chilean energy sector, we showed that the oil trader had overstated the scale of its revenues in that country, which was relevant to the quantum of potential damages. These corporate investigations ultimately helped our client to bring the counterparty to settle out of court.

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