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Protective intelligence

Protective Intelligence Specific and actionable intelligence to safeguard people, organisations, events, brands and assets

Customised intelligence solutions that meet the unique requirements and profiles of our clients.

Protective intelligence
Protective intelligence 1

Our protective intelligence service informs security planning, mitigation and operations for a broad range of projects.

Such projects typically include annual general meetings, film and television productions, festivals, sporting events, exhibitions and conferences, high-profile launches, market entry, and executive protection.

Exploiting specialist tools and through targeted intelligence gathering, we monitor, investigate and assess client-specific threats online, including on the dark web. This includes tracking hostile intent and sentiment, extremist propaganda, criminal threats, exposure of sensitive or privileged information, and other activities that may represent a risk to clients by a range of actors, from fixated individuals to terrorists.

Threats specifically directed at an organisation and its people can be disruptive board-level concerns, and require ongoing monitoring, evaluation and assurance. As well as threat detection and assessment, our team uses specialised red-teaming methods to help clients understand their outward profile and form countering strategies to reduce exposure to potential threats. 

Protective intelligence 2


Clients who partner with us benefit from our:

  • Tailored strategy to gathering intelligence of specific relevance. 
  • Ethical approach in collecting information from a wide array of sources. 
  • Discretion in ensuring that hostile parties do not become aware of our client’s interests.
  • Proportionate investment of time, money and resources on mitigation.
  • Confidence and assurance in being alerted to specific threats. 


Key features of our protective intelligence service include:

  • Client-specific intelligence advice
  • Customised intelligence collection plan
  • Rigorous investigation of indexed, deep and dark web sources
  • Ongoing monitoring and assurance
  • Daily or weekly updates
  • Rapid non-routine alerting to specific threats 
  • Threat analysis and assessment
  • Direct personal advice and briefing
  • Basic to enhanced red-teaming and risk profiling
Protective intelligence 1

Festival and Awards Ceremony

Ahead of and throughout a major festival, we maintained online monitoring of threats or hostility toward any aspect of the event or its attendees. This involved screening all participants at the event. Our security operations team also reviewed the security and crisis plans and procedures for the festival, providing detailed recommendations that further countered any significant risks and enabled a safer event. Subsequently, the client has asked us to rerun the project every year since.


Protective intelligence 2

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

We produced a written security threat and risk assessment to help our client determine whether there were any security risks to their AGM emerging from activist groups or disgruntled shareholders. We then provided protective intelligence monitoring in the days leading up to the meeting to identify any emerging risks or hostility among activists.



Protective intelligence 3

Film Production

We supported a major film production in the UK and Italy with the core objective of enabling normal business by minimising disruption to the production schedule, and controlling costs. This began with a script review and a threat and risk assessment. Then, during the production itself, we conducted ongoing protective intelligence monitoring, capturing threats, disruption and even monitoring for IP theft from the film set.



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