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Stabilisation Project design, delivery and evaluation

In the most challenging environments, Risk Advisory helps governments research, develop, implement and evaluate strategies and interventions that deal with complex security and stability problems.

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Governments around the world are increasingly forced to deal with a profusion of security, stabilisation and governance challenges, including conflict, terrorism, organised crime, irregular migration and corruption.

Our team of experts, with decades of military and government experience, offer a complete planning process through intensive research, analysis and consultation.

We help governments develop appropriate policies and programmes that have a transformative impact in fragile and conflict-affected societies. Once developed, we then operationalise and implement the programmes in concert with host nation and donor governments.

Based on our experience and conceptual design, we have developed a specialised approach toward monitoring, evaluation and project diagnostics for security sector programme interventions.


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Clients who partner with us benefit from our:

  • Genuine understanding – Our experienced staff and network offer rigorous, informed and realistic approaches to tackling specific problems
  • Original thinking – Our planning and implementation processes deliver creative solutions that reflect the diverse range of stabilisation challenges governments face today
  • World-class implementation – Our teams are globally recognised with experience of delivering complex security and stabilisation solutions in some of the world’s most challenging and hostile environments

Key features of our stabilisation capability include:

  • In-house qualitative and quantitative research expertise
  • Conflict analysis and stakeholder mapping
  • A global network of experienced professionals and academics
  • Specialised monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Accountability mechanisms  
  • Conflict and gender sensitivity
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Counterterrorism (CT) MENA

Advising a European Commission-funded counterterrorism capacity building project in the Middle East and North Africa.

This included a comprehensive baseline study on the terrorist threat in the region and the CT capacity of ten MENA countries. In order to do this, we developed bespoke CT capacity ‘metrics’ that assessed the overall strategic CT context, the capacity of the countries’ judiciary, intelligence and law enforcement in the CT field and the extent of coordination between them.

Additionally, we developed the project’s logical framework matrix and a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) strategy, a risk matrix and a menu of activities the project could implement in the future. This helped the project team gain a strategic overview of their activities and enabled them to measure their impact in CT capacity building and design relevant future activities.

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